All the Way Through 2016

by tibone

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Ys - Medley 06:57


All the way through 2016 is the "one month, one song" challenge, done through the entire year.
I'll do my best to record one song per month, every month of 2016.

Some songs will definetely sound better than others, but the idea here is to make a commitment and try to fullfill it.

The goal is to make more music, release more music and learn as much as possible during the process.

January: Double Dragon Mission 3 - One of my favorite songs, from one of my favorite games ever. I don't usually do down-tuned guitars, but i think it really matches this song well.

February: Ninja Gaiden - Bloody Malth - An attempt to sound a bit like 80's thrash metal.

March: Quartet - Quartet Theme - Do you love j-fusion? Do you wish you could play j-fusion decently? Do you like 80's rock and S.S.T band? So do i, unfortunately, i can't decently play these genres. But this is my attempt to do it. I love this song and this game, which are both very underrated in the great SEGA library.

April: Dragon Crystal - Level - This is my late entry for April's DoD (i couldn't finish it in time). It's from an old SEGA rpg, and this is a power metal rendition of the theme.

May: GunSmoke - Level 1 - May was a chaotic month, and time was not on my side. This song is stuck my head, because i was playing GunSmoke (fun little game) and decided to record it. This is the month recorded version. I should probably re-record the lead guitars at some point.

June: Megaman 3 - TopMan - Megaman 3 x Megaman 2, the eternal rivalry between a very specific group of people. I usually go for the third, because i like the game, it was the one i had when i was kid, and i love the soundtrack. Too many memorable songs to choose from, i would probably have to cover the entire soundtrack in order to be completely happy with it.

July: Daytona USA - Let's Go Away - The original idea was to have vocals in this track, like the original. But i really can't sing, and i couldn't find anyone who could do it in time, also. This is the result of replacing the vocals with samples from the game. This was also my entry for Arcade Month DoD.

August: Golden Axe - Wilderness - August was a month that i travelled and so, i hadn't the whole month to work on the song. So i decided to do something that won't require effort learning, since i already knew how to play it. The end result is on the same vibe as the rest of the songs. A touch of power metal and lots of guitars.

September: Ys - Medley - I love the Ys soundtrack, it's a case of me actually liking the music more than the games themselves, probably. This is a medley of 3 songs from the first Ys (Ancient Book of Ys - Vanished Omen / Ancient Ys - Vanished / Ys - Book 1). The orchestral parts are definitely the weak part of the song. I'm not versed in classical instruments and it was all rendered through free plugins / soundfonts. I got 90% of the sound i was going for, the rest is my lack of musicianship. The metal parts are pretty cool, too.

October: Altered Beast - Beast Theme - I've been meaning to do this song for years now, but i always postponed it, because i can't come up with an arrangement for it. So this is pretty much a straight cover, from one of my favorite guitar riffs on the MegaDrive. And of course, a horror game, for halloween. :)

November: Final Fantasy III (Japan) - Battle - I wanted to do something quick and to the point, because i had zero free time to work on a song during November. So, this is a power metal rendition of the battle theme from FF3J. It fits the mood perfectly. Power on through the month!

December: TMNT4 - Turtles in Time - Pizza Power - For the grand finale, i wanted something from one of my favorite games/series/franchises, TMNT. So, this was the song chosen. I think it's a pretty cool ending for the year.


released January 28, 2016

Artwork, arrangement, programming and performances by tibone.




tibone São Paulo, Brazil

The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.

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